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Pi Square AI


Pi Square is a Machine Learning products-as-a-service company offerings:-

1. IOT Smart Living solutions

2. Mixed Reality for Business

3. Robotic Process Automation

4. Custom Machine Learning

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The Collective


 An urban basecamp for the mind, body + soul

 EXPERIENCE A WORLD of possibility in the heart of South Lake Union. The Collective is a high impact urban basecamp where locals can craft a home and community based on common interests and shared ventures. We embrace core values defined by community stewardship and collaboration over competition.

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Anyware Live - A $75 light bulb holder which seamlessly fits your homes, hotel rooms, hospitals and instantly -

1. Save Energy by turning off lights when no one is present

2. Security monitoring by alerting for various sounds like glass break, fire alarm etc

3. Presence detection using geo fencing and foot steps

4. Light control - remotely control lights

5. Intrusion detection - based on sounds

6. Indoor climate monitoring - set personalized humidity, temperature levels

7. Differentiates sounds using just the sound frequency from fire alarm, child crying, music,foot steps, glass break etc

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